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Looking for a Life - say no more! ​

HAVING been almost flattened by a bloke striding along the pavement texting on his cellphone, I decided to dedicate a painting to what I consider to be a modern and potentially dangerous condition.

It's called - by me, that is - Cellphone Dependency, the symptoms of which are all too clear to see every day of the week in every town and city in Britain.

The texting, phoning obsession is not only physically hazardous (to users as well as innocents) it also reflects addictive tendencies, with people relying on their mobile phones as a kind of real-life substitute.

I decided to paint a picture depicting this disturbing trait in the hope that the lucky few who will see it will be influenced to review their texting/viewing/phoning habits and acknowledge that they are in the grip of an affliction that in its own way is as destructive as drug-taking.

The picture is called Looking for a Life: The Great Cellphone Obsession 2016.


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