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Echoes of Matisse? Thought not...

IF you discern echoes of Henri Matisse in this picture, then you deserve full credit for a fertile imagination. However, it was after viewing a collection of Matisse drawings that I decided to commit this image to paper. It was something to do with his use of colour and the casual, debonair sweep of his brushes.

This is called Two Cockerels, a fairly unimaginative title for a picture featuring two cockerels, but I couldn't think of anything else, so I'm stuck with it. It was drawn with marker pens bought from the kiddies' art section of Poundland.

Though simple, the picture has a kind of coffee-mug quality. I'm thinking of having it converted into a transfer for use on my favourite mug. Then, every morning at eleven, I can sip my best Colombian brew wishing I could paint like Henri Matisse.

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