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Meet the One-Line Sausage Dog

AS you all know, I yield to no-one in my admiration for Pablo Picasso, one of the 20th century's truly great artists.

Not only did he famously draw Shakespeare in 14 lines, he also drew a sausage dog (a lop-eared Dachshund) in one.

Partly out of my humble devotion to the great man's work, and partly because I'm a conceited, full-of-himself SOB, I set out to match him.

The result was this fetching image, called simply One-Line Sausage Dogs, the pooch drawn with a single flourish of a marker pen to incorporate head, body and legs, and reproduced five times to create a picture now being used to grace this website.

My one deviation from the one-line rule was to add an eyeball, a manoeuvre Picasso didn't consider necessary.

I rate the master's attempt (see below) superior to mine, but I'm sufficiently proud of my effort to display it here in its five coloured forms, a work to please dog-lovers everywhere (I hope!)

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