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The Boy in the Bush

IT'S been some time since I blessed you with another example of my eccentric art.

So I thought you might like this painting from my D.H.Lawrence series, each picture depicting one of the maestro's novels.

This one is The Boy in the Bush, named after a book written in conjunction with an Australian admirer, Mollie Skinner.

Lawrence worked on Ms Skinner's manuscript during his travels in Western Australia with his German wife Frieda.

I'm pretty sure it was the only collaboration of his writing career, which ended so abruptly with his death at the age of 44 in 1930.

For Ms Skinner, the double byline, D.H.Lawrence and M.L.Skinner, must have been the highlight of her life.

To be professionally aligned with England's greatest writer of the 20th century was no mean feat.

Anyway, here it is - The Boy in the Bush, with snakes, beetles, lizards and spiders, not forgetting the boy himself, making his way through the undergrowth.

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