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A semi-abstract cabaret

EVEN as a child, when teachers told me I had artistic talent, I never saw myself as an emerging Caravaggio. Though I acknowledged a glint of a gift, I was all too aware of my limitations. That's why I became a journalist instead of a commercial artist, the profession my family insisted I should follow.

However, one quality I do possess is productivity, a prowess for generating images at speed. The quality varies enormously, with some falling well below the standards I set for myself, but most are adequate if not exceptional.

This one is a semi-abstract study of three dancers. It's called Night Cabaret.

I regard as one my 'Middlemen' - not of the first rank, but not bottom of the pile, either. I enjoyed doing it, which for me fulfils its sole objective.

A fine Bahamian painter called Max Taylor once told me: 'I don't care what the public think. I paint for myself. That's the whole point of it.'

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