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Car dump as a work of art

ON the basis that anything - and I mean anything - can become a work of art, I offer you my latest line drawing, which shows a mountain of scrapped motor cars waiting to be melted down for recycling.

I was inspired to create this image by a photograph I saw of cars piled high in the prairie land of Montana. Sports cars and sedans that were once the pride and joy of their owners were scattered over a wide area, having lived out their useful lives or been wrecked in road crashes.

Either way, a car dump symbolises the excesses of the consumer society. Pride and joy one day - discarded rubble the next.

No more preaching - I give you City Car Dump, a line image that will now be developed through several stages into a part-coloured and full-coloured picture which will then be printed and framed to take its chances in Consumerland.

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