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New book off to brisk start

THE completely revised, hardback collectable edition of Flushing: A People's History is attracting favourable attention since it was launched in November, 2016.

Copies have already found their way to Europe and many parts of Britain as Cornish exiles savour its old photographs and colourful anecdotes.

With new text and many previously unpublished photographs and drawings, this handsome 384-page volume is limited to 300 signed and numbered copies, plus fifteen special presentation copies for those who helped with research.

The book is intended to be a collectors' piece for those whose families have close associations with Flushing, or the many people who have fallen in love with the village as a holiday centre.

It will also appeal to all lovers of Cornish history as it contains interesting insights into the maritime history of the Falmouth and Roseland areas.

One buyer said: 'It is a lovely book that will be treasured.'

Another added: 'It's the kind of book you can dip into time and time again and find something new.'

Yet another said: 'The detail is remarkable. Even those who've lived in Flushing all their lives will learn something from this book. At £35 a copy, it is underpriced - it should be £40 at least.'

POLPERRO was once a smugglers' haven. Now it's a fishing village and tourist resort with a remarkable history and a cast of characters beyond belief in a village of its size. Not only was Zephaniah Job the smugglers' banker, issuing his own banknotes and running the village's economy, the local GP Jonathan Couch  became a naturalist, artist and historian of international renown. During the 20th century, Polperro was home to two of Britain's best-known authors - the popular novelist Hugh Walpole and the children's writer Angela Brazil. Today, Polperro also boasts five pubs. 'It's a drinking village with a fishing problem,' a local joked. This 84-page book offers a word portrait of the beautiful Cornish port.

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