Bonfire Night and What a Catch!
The top image depicts the burning of the Guy on November 5. The other shows fishermen celebrating their catch on Flushing waterfront in Cornwall.
Working Boats Racing
What the Cornish know as 'working boats' dredge oysters from the Helford River and Carrick Roads. Every week during the summer, they race in
Falmouth Harbour, their
colourful topsails creating a colourful spectacle as they skim across the water.
Male Voice Choir, Cornwall
The Cornish, like the Welsh, enjoy their male voice choirs. This image is meant to reflect their enthusiasm, not standards of local dentistry.
Medieval Mosaic
In this picture, I set out to create a 'mosaic' of coloured squares and oblongs. In my view, it looks vaguely medieval - hence the title.
Happy Times
When the mood takes me, I like to produce images of unrestrained joy, with plenty of colour and vitality.
Gooin Dahn Match
The title reflects Midlands vernacular, the phrase fans used when setting off to see Leicester City in the 1950s. This image reminds me of my boyhood, when I was a keen City fan. Still am!
Amazing Grace
Church congregations in the Bahamas sing hymns with great gusto. This image reflects their enthusiasm and their love of getting 'dressed up' for the occasion.
Downtown Traffic
The urban scene offers a fascinating array of shapes and colours. Even heavy traffic can be transformed into something moderately attractive.
Gazing at the Stars
This is one of my favourites. It reminds me of my youth, when we used to gaze at the night sky and wonder at its immensity.
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If Vincent van Gogh can paint sunflowers, why not me? Hope you like my version. It's a fraction of the price.

Traditionally, artists have turned to rural scenes for inspiration. But the urban landscape has just as many possibilities. as this image proves.

A dockland scene in darkness is not, on the face of it, a promising subject. But this print proved a winner at Cornish art markets last summer.

It's amazing what people will do to stay in shape. This workout session offered an interesting combination of shapes and, hence, a real sense of movement.

Fish have always interested me, not just as a source of food, but also for their artistic potential. Shapes, colour and movement are all easily conveyed through their lithe forms.

Movement and colour are also explored in this image of The Balloon Man, seen at Mevagissey Fish Festival. I wondered what would happen if a gust of wind blew in off the sea. This was the result.

Meeting for Drinks...I'm not sure whether they're pleased to see each other or not.

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