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Face To Face With A Killer

EVIL AND SON describes the author’s face-to-face meeting with the woman described as America’s most depraved murderess, Sante Kimes.

In the spring of 2011, John Marquis was invited by Kimes to visit her at a high-security women’s prison in New York state. With his barrister son Piers as legal back-up, Marquis accepted the offer to conduct what he described as one of the most fascinating interviews of his career.

This story of ‘Mommie and Clyde’ - Kimes and her son Kenny - covers their con-and-kill spree across America in the late 1990s, including the merciless slaying of New York socialite Irene Silverman.

During their meeting, Kimes protested her innocence and pleaded for a review of her case. However, she died in her cell two years later. Kenny is still serving a life term in Los Angeles.

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