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Art show off to promising start

A JOINT art exhibition featuring work by my daughter Annabella Marquis Gaze and Yours Truly got off to a brisk start on November 14, with several book and card sales at a convivial preview party held at the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society in Falmouth, Cornwall.

The week-long show, called Bell and Pops, includes a display of Annabella's fine line drawings and several examples of my so-called 'Crazy Art - infantile depictions of everyday situations.'

The exhibition was also used to promote my new collectable hardback edition of Flushing: A People's History, an impressive 384-page tome spotlighting long-established families in our beautiful home village.

Friends, family and several Poly visitors joined in the fun, with Annabella's husband Tom adding festive spirit by producing an urn of mulled wine.

Among those at the party were a group of Falmouth University art undergraduates, including graphic art and photography students destined for careers in fashion and the media.

The show runs until November 19.

* The book has already attracted orders from far and wide, including some from the continent. Restricted to 300 signed and numbered copies, it spotlights village notables, characters and businesses over the centuries.

ABOVE: My painting Hill Town, a study of shapes and colour

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