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Cheers! Creative life is on a roll...

WITH a new book out, an art exhibition on the go, and a fresh venture into the wonderful world of studio ceramics, life is on a creative roll at the moment. I'll drink to that...

The hardback collectable edition of Flushing: A People's History is selling steadily, with orders coming in from old Flushingites at home and overseas. The art exhibition is giving useful exposure to the unusual work of both my daughter Annabella and Yours Truly, provoking one or two ooohs and aaahhs along the way.

And my latest excursion into studio pottery (at Penzance School of Art, under the tutelage of the brilliant Jason Wason) is rekindling my passion for this most satisfying of ancient crafts.

By Christmas, at least one of my latest ceramic creations - a tall coil pot with fish-themed sgraffito decoration - will emerge from the kiln, and by next spring be prepared to be bored rigid with tales of my further adventures on the potter's kick-wheel, with a new range of Marquis slipware.

Next year I begin my latest literary project - a book about the writers of Cornwall - and also hope to produce a collection of my favourite articles from a lifetime in journalism (if I can find the clippings in the attic!)

On December 9, the new Flushing book will be on sale at the village's Christmas Market. For thirty-five quid, it is the perfect Christmas gift for anyone with a love for this very special community.

* The above photograph was taken in Thailand in 2009.

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