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The Art of Showing Off

FOR the first time in my life, I’ve just spent a week making an exhibition of myself. Though it was entirely against my nature, I quite enjoyed it.

My daughter Annabella and I both sold several examples of our work at our first joint art exhibition, but it was more of a social than commercial success, with a very pleasant preview evening and several extremely interesting visitors during the week.

Invigilating an art show is not the most exciting job on earth, but the tedium can be leavened quite nicely by the people you meet.

In Falmouth, we have the good fortune to host Britain’s finest art college, so many visitors were creative young people doing their diplomas and BA Hons degrees.

Casting a critical eye over my eccentric artwork, several were prompted to tell me about their own ambitions and aspirations. And very enlightening it was, too. I hope they all go on to enjoy successful careers and fulfilling lives.

A few copies of my new Flushing history book were also sold, so all in all it was one of life’s tiny triumphs.

As expected, the big international collectors failed to show up. And we’re still awaiting a call from the Courtauld and Guggenheim. However, it’s clearly only a matter of time…

* The above picture is Reflections in Dockland by me.

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