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It's SNOW fantastic!

DUE to public demand (three requests, actually) I'm publishing another of my snow pictures, a series inspired by icy winds and midwinter gloom.

This one, called Christmas Market, is mildly Lowryesque, though I tend to use more primary colours than the late, slightly eccentric but highly talented Salford rent collector.

This picture includes some of my regular 'characters', including a choir in full voice (note the usual poor state of dentistry), a number of big-eared loons and, naturally, several grumpy types with scarlet, frostbitten noses. At the top of the picture are a few crazies doing silly things, including one sitting uncomfortably on the prong of a star.

Winter is a good time of the year for indoor creativity, though I have to confess we get little, if any, snow in West Cornwall, and we've had to use the ice-scraper only once this year. My painting is, therefore, a product of my imagination, as it had to be in an area where autumn comes late and spring comes early.

Anyway, I hope you like it.

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