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The World is Watching

IN theory, every website has what marketing men (and women!) like to call 'global reach', but I can now go one better with incontrovertible proof that I have readers in almost every nook and cranny of this wondrous world of ours.

Naturally, due to my Bahamas connections, I have readers in the Caribbean region, but my 'appeal', if that's not too strong a word, also extends to the Middle East, Australasia, Europe and the USA.

Praise for my 'Comment' section has come in from a pleasant lady journalist in America, one or two Cornish followers, two or three 'fans in Spain, a gaggle of Londoners and even former school pals as far flung as South Australia and the Shetlands.

The widow of a former colleague sent a pleasant note from the north of England, an old contact chipped in from Grand Bahama, wise words emanated from a trusty associate in California, and ruminations on Donald Trump were offered by someone in Florida.

As my global audience expands, I'm conscious of the enormous impact I might be having on world affairs. A summons from Downing Street, The White House or The Kremlin for urgent consultations is, I suspect, only weeks away as my comments go viral, affecting stock markets, opinion polls and the rise and fall of the pound in equal measure.

Meanwhile, may I direct my growing army of online friends to my latest ramblings on Trump the Chump, Bliar the Messiah, Juncker the Pluncker and other dopes on the world's political stage. For light relief, please turn to my prints and books, which are also establishing a worldwide fan base, including a bloke in Bognor Regis who thinks my drawings are hilarious. Enjoy!

PS: Regarding my prints, I'm delighted to report that Crows in a Wintry Field has recently joined Gig Racing in Cornwall, Fish on a Platter, Reflections in Dockland, Woodland in Winter and other major works in private collections around Britain. It's only a matter of time before The Tate comes a'calling.

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