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Gull fight on Falmouth waterfront

WALKING through Falmouth the other day, I saw two seagulls fighting over a fish. They inspired this picture, which I've called Cornish Gulls.

In fact, Cornish seagulls have earned quite a reputation over the years for their aggressive approach to finding and acquiring food.

They steal pasties, ice-creams and sausage rolls in such numbers during the holiday season that it's a fair bet that they are the fattest gulls in the land.

Many a holidaymaker has been taken unawares by these predatory scavengers as they wheel over Cornish beaches on their reconnaissance missions.

To see them fighting over a fish is, in fact, a relatively rare experience. Hence this picture, which shows squabbling gulls gorging themselves at Custom House Quay.

You will observe that some of the gulls are without webbed feet. This is known as artistic licence. In other words, I forgot...sorry!

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