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Larry Smith: the best of his generation

FOR those who follow my 'Comment' section, I have an apology to make. My site is malfunctioning and I am unable to add blogs at the moment. Let's hope the hackers haven't been at work again!

My most recent post concerned my friend and former colleague Larry Smith, who died in Nassau over the weekend at the age of 67. He was a journalist,

editor, publisher and book distributor in the Bahamas for half a century, providing a beacon of light during the dark days when the corrupt prime minister Lynden Pindling was driving the nation towards tyranny.

Larry's death shocked everyone, it seems, except himself. He was told by doctors ten years ago that he had only a decade live because of a congenital heart condition. He passed away while watching television with his wife and daughter.

Larry was the best of his generation of Bahamian journalists, a fine writer with a sharp intellect, great wisdom and impeccable judgment. His Tough Call column in The Tribune was a compelling feature of Bahamian journalism for many years. The above photo shows him at work on his beloved Applemac.

Rest easy, Larry. Top guy.

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