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Flying Ships in Falmouth Bay

'LOOK!' I said to one of my grandchildren. 'Flying ships!'

As thin mist shrouded Falmouth Bay, smoothing out the line between sea and sky, it was possible to imagine that the huge container vessels anchored offshore were hovering in the sky like those gigantic blimps of yesteryear.

'Are they really flying?' asked the little one. 'Are they flying off to another land?'

As one who believes in fostering a child's imagination, and creating images they can savour, I tried to perpetuate the illusion without being dishonest.

'Well, I suppose they could be,' I said. 'Look, they seem to be hanging in the sky.'

That memorable day, when the Bay was engulfed by sea mist, and two great elements merged into one, inspired this simple picture. It is intended to capture the spectral nature of solid forms when filtered through something insubstantial and intangible like sea mist.

It is called FLYING SHIPS: A Misty Day in Falmouth Bay. Hope you like it.

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