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A splash of colour to offset the gloom

MY last picture gave an early taste of Christmas. Now comes an even earlier hint of Spring.

With our indifferent (weatherwise) summer now behind us, and the dark winter months to come, it's uplifting to anticipate the lengthening days of Spring, which arrives earlier in West Cornwall than other parts of the country.

This year my wife sprinkled a few packets of flower seeds in our garden. For months on end, they rendered a display of lanky but colourful flowers. Even now, with October upon us, there are a few stragglers left to offset the autumn gloom.

Yesterday I found myself splashing great dollops of acrylic paint on to a sheet of card. These were duly fashioned into petals. Then came an array of random deposits straight from the tube.

Eventually I ended up with this. In my view (you are entitled to disagree) this crude composition has a certain merit, though I would be hard put to define it.

If nothing else, it reminds me of those colourful blooms in all their summer glory.

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