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Tom Hanks spotted on Santorini

AS one who usually fares badly in front of a camera, I feel no shame in offering up this pictorial study of Yours Truly standing alongside a small chapel in Santorini.

Having been likened to the lugubrious Jeremy Clarkson, the saturnine actor Geoffrey Palmer and the lolloping Jungle Book character Baloo during much of my adult life, I feel justified in countering such calumny with a photo that actually makes me look like a fully-functioning, totally switched-on human being.

I'm pretty sure this picture was taken by my dear wife, who managed to capture a spontaneous smile without making me look as though I was being garrotted from behind.

Anyway, this is what I really look like. Disregard all those defamatory shots of yesteryear when I was made to look like the village simpleton or a demented baboon. The truth is out!

'You look a bit like Tom Hanks,' said my lovely daughter. That's better...

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