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Beauty and the beast

AT the risk of being accused of vanity - oh, go on then - I'm publishing this picture of my alter ego Tom Hanks standing against the magnificent backdrop of the Santorini caldera in the Greek Islands.

My purpose is not to promote my own image (excuse me while I clear my throat) but to show you the sweeping majesty of the breathtakingly beautiful volcanic cauldron created by the biggest explosion in the history of mankind.

The caldera is a huge sink-hole which collapsed in on itself as millions of tons of magma blew an entire civilisation to kingdom come 17 centuries before Christ. Now it serves as a tranquil bay into which cruise liners and super yachts sail every summer to marvel at its magnificence.

Millions of tourists flock to Santorini every year to enjoy its quaint streets and alleyways, its historic sites, its sweeping vistas and seascapes, and some of the finest sunsets to be seen anywhere.

Alas, the Greek god on the left was an island attraction for one week only. But if public demand insists, I shall return.

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