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By George, it's a fiery Dragon!

INSPIRATION springs from unexpected sources. A few days ago I was trawling through Arthur Mee's history of Leicestershire and Rutland when I came upon a photograph of a stone carving of St George and the Dragon.

It sparked in me an unquenchable urge to get my own version of England's patron saint down on paper - or, to be more exact, a piece of card I found in an old box in the attic. Armed with acrylic paint, a variety of gel pens and one or two permanent markers, I produced this rather gory image of old Georgie Boy slicing off the dragon's head.

As you will have gathered from other posts on this site, my grandsons think I have a mental age of eight, largely because I refuse to carry a smartphone, which they consider an essential piece of kit for all but the terminally cretinous. However, they do rate me as a creator of infantile images, frequently gasping ooohhh and aarrhh when I draw something for them which catches their imagination.

I have a feeling - I could be wrong - that this will meet with their approval, mainly because of the swirling sword and the sliced-off head. Meanwhile, I offer it to my faithful readers as a work of art to ponder over their Christmas cornflakes.

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