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Van Gogh, Vermeer or Velasquez?

THERE I was, browsing through my Western Morning News, when I came across a gardening feature illustrated by a pot of marigolds.

As orange is my favourite colour and marigolds among my favourite flowers, I recognised this immediately as a moment of inspiration.

Out came the acrylics, a quiver of gel pens and a whole battery of brush pens so that I could render this colourful study and thus brighten the day of my readers far and wide.

This picture, I feel, reflects perfectly my role in life as 'doodler, dabbler, dauber and all-round dilettante', a description I happily accept as a more or less accurate summation of my artistic status.

As one who never claimed to be a Van Gogh, Vermeer or Velasquez, I pursue my art with the same insouciance that I adopt for other endeavours in life. If is pleases me, that's enough. If it pleases someone else, that's a bonus. If they don't like know the rest.


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