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The Beast pounces on Cornwall

OKAY, I admit it. I never thought for a moment that 'The Beast from the East' would pounce on our idyllic village in West Cornwall.

After all, it's been all of 31 years - 1987, in fact - since snow last settled in our sheltered haven, which is reckoned to be the warmest spot in all England. Once again, we thought we'd be bathed in sunshine while the rest of the UK slithered around in slush.

Then, come Wednesday, it arrived - great dollops of snow blowing in from Siberia, settling in the gardens, on the rooftops and on the only road out of the village.

Only one car has passed our house all day. The hill leading to Penryn and Mylor is too treacherous to negotiate. The whole place is still, but for kids pulling their toboggans up and down the street.

Lovely scene, but bad for the local economy. We're at a standstill, but should be on the move again by Friday.

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