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A Work Inspired by Bercow the Clown

HAVING just written a piece about British politicians, it was inevitable I should get round to the subject of clowns.

Bercow the Clown, currently Speaker of the House of Commons, was the inspiration for this painting, which seeks to exploit the potential for colour in the circus environment.

Pint-sized Bercow, a self-regarding little oaf who fails to see what a joke he is, would make an excellent warm-up act for Fossetts Circus, where his back-flips, forward rolls and plate-juggling prowess would go down a treat with kids on the front row.

Surprisingly - even for me - Bercow the Berk does not actually feature in this picture, but rest assured that it was his idiocy that fuelled the flame which led to its creation.

I therefore dedicate this work - Carnival of Clowns - to Bercow and his Commons colleagues, to remind them of the vocation they missed by choosing to waste their lives in Westminster.

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