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What a hoot! A multi-coloured owl

YOU will have noticed that my art goes through phases.

Pablo Picasso had his Blue Period. I’ve had my Gold and Yellow Period.

He had a line-drawing phase. I’ve had one, too.

He decorated pots. So do I.

There the comparison ends.

Picasso was a great artist. In my case, ‘not so much’, as Borat would say.

However, I thought I’d put you on notice about my new phase.

It’s called Broad Brushstrokes, and features very simple images created within minutes using bold sweeps of the brush and lots of colour.

Inspired by my Two Cockerels image, which featured in my previous post, I’m concentrating initially on birds.

Here is An Owl in Many Colours, dedicated to the tawny owls whose cries can be heard across the Nankersey Valley in Flushing, my home village.

It doesn't quite conform to the 'broad brushstrokes' theme, but it does feature a much-loved species of bird.

I think it’s a bit of a hoot. Or should it be toot? Either way, enjoy!

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