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Big Bertha and her new companions

ALL you potters out there are no doubt gagging to see my latest masterworks, fresh from the kiln at Penzance School of Art.

Well, here they are - Big Bertha (at the rear) with her two unnamed companions, both designed to match the decor in our sitting room.

All three now occupy one of two alcoves accommodating the Marquis ceramics collection, which includes stoneware pots I made during the 1980s, when my wife and I attended classes run by the estimable Colin Thorburn, a pupil of two of the greatest 20th century potters, Hans Coper and Lucie Rie.

Colin was a fine thrower and we both benefited greatly from his teaching.

Even though I passed my pottery O'level in 1960, and have dipped in and out of pottery over the last 50 years, I still see myself as merely an enthusiastic amateur.

For the aficionados, all three of these pots were coiled (not thrown) using regular terracotta clay. All are glazed earthenware.

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