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A minimalist little mare

JUST in case you thought my 14-line bull was a fluke, I now give you...a 12-line horse.

This frisky little mare made her appearance, as if by magic, during a frenetic hour-long drawing session this week.

Other animals coming your way are a 12-line wild cat, a 10-line stag and a stampede of cattle produced with the same minimalist approach.

Though my approach to art is essentially frivolous, I do think sparsely drawn pictures of this kind serve a useful purpose.

They challenge the artist to be bold.

Picasso wasn't the only one to produce hasty line drawings to capture the essence of living creatures, including humans. Matisse did it superbly.

Anyway, here's HORSE by John Marquis.

A modest but (I think) worthy addition to the genre.

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