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An excitable gull - by me

JUST when you thought you'd never be subjected to one of my bird paintings again, a new one flutters in - this time an excitable gull set against a spangled backdrop.

Birds have always interested me, but the feathered type have really only impinged on my consciousness since we moved into our retirement cottage, which has a babbling steam running through the garden.

Throughout the summer, birds of all kinds descend from the surrounding trees for a bathe. During the current heatwave the stream, grandly named the Nankersey River, is much in demand. Our feathered friends duck their heads and wings in it, then fly on to our garden fence to shake themselves dry.

In fact, gulls are the one species that never make use of this facility. That's because they prefer the bigger salt water alternative only 200 yards away. Namely, Falmouth Harbour.

Anyway, here it is - GULL by John Marquis. I thought of the title all by myself.

No, honestly.

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