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Too Wise for Westminster

AND so it came to pass...another picture on the collective noun theme.

This time it's A Parliament of Owls, an odd name because owls are known for wisdom while parliament is renowned for sustained idiocy and incompetence.

These wise old birds came into my head when I was pondering other bizarre collective nouns. I'm always intrigued by A Murmuration of Starlings, an artistic challenge I aim to take on before long, having once attempted it without significant success.

Pictures of creatures fascinate my grandchildren, and I'm more than aware that their efforts with paintbrush and marker pen are often far better than mine.

Perhaps my newly-acquired primitive style is influenced by their admirable spontaneity, an artistic response to instinct rather than intellect.

That's where we adults go wrong. We THINK too much about what we're doing, whereas children just do it, usually with far superior results.

Anyway, here it is - A Parliament of Owls. No, that isn't Michael Gove in the middle, and, no, that isn't Mad Mike Heseltine at the rear.

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