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A creature from the distant past

YOU will not have heard of it before, but the above creature is the Yellow-Fanged Penteligon, a lizard that lived 300 million years ago, ate volcanic lava and lived under molten rocks in an area just south of what is now known as Java.

The Penteligon was distantly related to the Jurassic Lizard (see earlier blog) which washed up on the Dorset coast several millennia before T-Rex made his entry. An unrecorded cataclysm is believed to have wiped out the Penteligon population, though it was a also known to be the prey of the Giant Flying Kantangarina, a scaly creature with fearsome beak and long, curled claws.

I've drawn the Penteligon for my grandchildren, who will no doubt want to know more about it when I see them next month. I must therefore put on my creative cap and dream up more fictional nonsense about this mythical creature, which before today has never actually existed outside my head.

Sorry about the above. Were you hooked?

Anyway, here it is - The Yellow-Fanged Penteligon.

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