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This is my incomparable cake

READERS have been demanding a picture of my 75th birthday cake, which was commissioned by my children and their spouses to mark my three-quarters of a century on earth.

It depicts Yours Truly in my role as Editor of the Falmouth Packet and includes tiny facsimiles of my books - and Packet front pages from my time in the job (1986-95).

As revealed in the Comment section of this site, the incomparable nickname 'Johnny Marvellous' was coined by my former colleague, Leon Prynn, who was the Packet's sports editor for many years.

So apt do I consider this marvellous moniker that I've clung to it ever since, frequently citing it as evidence that I'm not half the bar steward some people think I am.

The cake itself, by the way, was delicious. Jam and cream sponge topped by luscious icing sugar. I'd offer you a piece, but it's all gone. Sorry...

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