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Inspired by Moncur the Marcher

NO sooner had I landed in my beloved Bahamas for a week-long stay than I was in the thick of a street demonstration.

Predictably, the man in the middle of the protesters was none other than Moncur the Marcher, a political activist who has been pounding the streets of Nassau for nigh on 40 years.

Rodney Moncur, a cab driver turned senator, has been tilting at political windmills for so long that he is a figure to reckon with in the glorious Isles of June.

He is well-known primarily for his often off-the-wall views on national issues, and his fearless public condemnation of those he criticises for not serving the public good.

This time the issue was rising electricity prices, but Moncur has railed against most things in his time, including women's rights, a stance which makes him the target of a strong feminist backlash.

Though many have dismissed Moncur as an ineffectual gadfly, his new role as a radio and TV talk show host has given him added kudos and a potent voice in national affairs.

Anyway, Moncur and his fellow marchers inspired this drawing, which could also be applied to Britain's present plight over Brexit. Its title: Street Demo 2018.

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