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An urban theme in black and white

CONSIDERING that I am a countryman at heart, I find it odd that I return to urban themes time and again when I take up my pens to draw.

This picture was inspired by my recent visit to Heathrow airport, where I caught my flight to the Bahamas.

The to-ing and fro-ing of the crowds, the sense of urgency, the importance of time, all coalesced into a tableau blissfully unfamiliar to me in my new life as a retiree.

I've called it Urban People, though strictly speaking Heathrow is not an urban environment. This is the line drawing version. A full colour variation will appear in due course.

This, by the way, is likely to be my last artwork of 2018, which has been a vintage year for me, given that I took my first tentative steps into minimalism and, by contrast, explored some highly complex themes, notably my Purple Monkey in the Jungle.

Though I have two book projects ahead of me in 2019, I will also be producing a variety of pictures. Stay tuned.

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