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Not quite what I wanted

WARNING: this picture did not turn out in the way I expected.

I had a clear vision of Rookery at Dawn before the first pen hit the paper.

But this isn't it.

Better artists than me - Pablo Picasso, for instance - often headed into the unknown when they set up a canvas, allowing the painting to follow its own instincts, emerging eventually in a form they had never envisaged.

It's hard to believe that Guernica - Picasso's masterpiece - was complete in his head when he set off. No, it was an evolutionary process, each motif triggering another until the composition was complete.

It is, therefore, with just a twinge of dissatisfaction that I set this picture before you. It's okay, but not what I wanted.

Some day, some time, I'll try again, to see if I can get closer to the target.

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