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New genre hits a high note

MY art fans will be happy to learn that I've stumbled upon a whole new genre. I'm now into urban line drawings, a theme already gaining support among long-suffering followers who have endured a diverse range of work over the years.

It started with my picture Midland Red Bus 2019, was underscored by Man in a Blue Suit, and gained even greater momentum with my eccentric print Gilbert Ridley in his Gold-coloured Sunbeam Talbot Convertible.

Then came Urban Suburban and now a minor masterwork with the humdrum title Busy Town.

These pictures are in marked contrast to my minimalist works, characterised by pictures like BULL, COW and RAM. The emphasis is on detail - lots of it - and I find myself becoming immersed mentally in the work, often forgetting time and achieving levels of absorption rarely experienced before.

As with L.S.Lowry, I draw urban and suburban scenes entirely from the imagination. The black ink drawings on varied backgrounds sometimes include a single-colour counterpoint, achieved most successfully in my own view in the Midland Bus 2019 print.

Anyway, enough of the guff - here it is, Busy Town.

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