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Chaotic blooms in acrylic

SITTING watching TV the other night, I was distracted by a tub of artificial flowers which have graced our lounge for longer than we would like to admit.

They are big, floppy fabric blooms bought, I believe, from a shop in the Cotswolds. Though they collect dust and take up too much space, there's something about their irrepressible gaiety that appeals to us. Whatever their faults, they are likely to be around for some yet.

Anyway, I was prompted to do one of my impromptu impressionist paintings, which meant applying huge dollops of acrylic followed by more intricate penwork.

It's not van Gogh - that's for sure - but it does have a chaotic informality about it. In the right frame, it just might pass muster as a 'naive' or 'primitive' composition. It's called Chaotic Blooms.

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