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My collage debut

AS this blog is read only by the cultured and cultivated, I expect all you good folk out there have heard of the artistic process known as collage.

This is a method of assembling a picture by sticking pieces of paper on top of another, adding ink or paint where desired to achieve a satisfying whole.

This, my first-ever collage, came about after I bought a book of cheap coloured paper from Lidl, the German superstore.

Using blue and brown paper, I composed a city scene in rough form, then added detail with marker crayons and gel pens.

The result is pleasing cityscape in a simple, no-nonsense format, hinting at the primitive, but in truth quite sophisticated in its own way.

A hundred years from now, I confidently predict it will fetch at least eighty quid in a country auction, with experts describing it as 'an early collage from the well-known dabbler, dauber and dilettante known as John Marquis.'

Place your order now to avoid disappointment. The print edition will be limited to fifty copies. It's called City at Dusk.

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