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Reptiles on the rampage

HAVING worked with human reptiles for so many years - you get at least one in every newspaper office - it’s inevitable that I would turn to the real thing from time to time while churning out my colourful sketches.

These, in fact, are not real reptiles at all, but imaginary lizards dredged up from the sluices of my addled mind. They are scuttling around and snapping at one another for no other reason than that is what imaginary lizards tend to do.

Whatever its merits, or lack of them, there’s no question this picture has energy and movement.

The swirl of greens is vaguely - extremely vaguely - reminiscent of Matisse, but he - like most masters - was able to achieve so much more with so much less.

Anyway, enough of the prattle - here’s Swirling Lizards for your ongoing pleasure.

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