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Swanning around at Swanpool

MAKING good use of a splendid summer day, I spent a pleasant hour sitting by glorious Swanpool in Falmouth, Cornwall, watching the swans with their cygnets, and a mallard duck with her six very small ducklings.

This superb little nature reserve, set close to a wonderful beach, has always been one of my favourite spots in my favourite town, and there is no better way to while away an afternoon than to sit on a bench and watch the birds go about their daily toil.

Swans, of course, are serene and elegant on water, but quite clumsy when they're ashore. Ducks, too, are quite ungainly on land, but come into their own while gliding around the lake, occasionally engaging in territorial squabbles with aggressive coots.

My idle hour prompted this image, which shows swans and ducks (not mallards, or any other breed you will recognise) paddling across Swanpool's glassy surface. Not seen here are the two cormorants who watched impassively from a small island.

The picture is called Swanpool, Falmouth. No elaboration necessary.

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