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Making things ship shape

NO doubt you've all been busting a gut to see my new line drawing, so I'm keeping you in suspense not a moment longer.

This image sprang from the recesses of my mind with no prompting. I can't even recall a source of inspiration.

It seeks to depict the building of a sailing ship. I know the purists will point out that masts are usually fitted after the hull has been launched, but art acknowledges no such encumbrances, and in my case is concerned primarily with shape and (usually) colour.

This picture, called Building a Ship (I know, I know, it looks more like a boat), joins several more line drawings I've produced over the last year, and will eventually be presented in a special portfolio designed to appeal to collectors.

Today, these framed artefacts sell for £65, but the day will dawn - mark my words - when they will change hands at ten times, a hundred times, more.

Astute art collectors will already be eyeing them covetously and, to adopt the famous Lidl slogan, 'When they've gone, they've gone.'

Secure your family's future, invest in a......(you know the rest).

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