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A City Under Construction

AS I continue with my series of line drawings, I'm developing sub-themes to utilise my new-found taste for detail.

Hence, I've recently produced Building a Skyscraper and Building a Ship, not to mention Building Aeroplanes.

This latest example, Building a City, shows my little bowler-hatted builders putting the finishing touches to a completed city, dabbing paint here and there, hammering nails, hanging off guttering, climbing ladders and even sitting atop roof ridges.

It's all nonsense, of course, but - as Edward Lear proved beyond all doubt - nonsense has its place in art, especially if your intended audience are youngsters of a certain age.

What I like about this picture is its total disregard for perspective and its innocent exploration of the improbable.

Observant admirers will also notice a number of Cornish flags, put there for no good reason other than a personal appreciation of my adopted home county.

Hope you like it.

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