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Shadows in Battersea

DURING a recent stay in London, I lay in bed every morning perusing a city roofscape, with Victorian chimneys jutting into the leaden sky.

It occurred to me how very urban it was, and how different from the Cornish seashore and undulating fields I'm used to at home.

My recollections of how towering chimneys, sloping roofs and abutting walls created a mass of triangular shadows inspired me to create this image, which is the first to appear in 2020 bearing my Bigfish motif.

Though it includes golds and browns to offset the predominant black, it is not quite the kaleidoscopic production I had in mind when I promised you a bonanza of 2020 colours a few days ago.

Never mind, the colours are on their way. Meanwhile, you'll have to make do with Battersea Shadows, my first picture of the New Year.

Have a great Hogmanay and a fantastic 2020.

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