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Birds on the Brain

EVER since I began my online art career seven years ago, I've returned to certain themes time and time again.

Some are inspired by my grandchildren, who love dragons. monsters and comic figures.

Others, like fish and birds, are the product of my ongoing obsession with shape and colour.

In centuries to come, when art experts are discussing the rising value of my work, they will be saying things like:

He was noted for his deep interest in shapes, and the relationship between colours, with an abiding preference for oranges, yellows and vivid blues. His birds and fish, not to mention his detailed townscapes, and his simplistic one-line creations, are now fetching staggeringly high prices.

For all you collectors out there, here's one to bolster your family's fortune circa 2180. It's called Birds on a Wire.

Where did it come from? Search me. No idea, Guv.

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