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Here's a TIP - see art in everything

THE growing popularity of my picture 'City Car Dump' has prompted me to explore rubbish as a theme for future works.

I've always taken the view that anything - and I mean anything - can be turned into art, given the right level of talent and imagination.

Andy Warhol famously produced a multi-million dollar painting of a can of soup. Vincent van Gogh made a masterpiece out of a bunch of ragged sunflowers.

The same Vincent featured a kitchen chair in one of his finest works. Matisse could produce sublime works from pieces of cut-up paper.

It's in the spirit of these masters that I offer you TIP 2020, a simple line drawing of another dump, with upside-down car shells, old fridges, a wheelbarrow or two and a mountain of trash of all kinds.

Artists can spot potential in a discarded boot, a plastic bottle, crushed beer cans and broken plant pots.

The world is a work of art. We ought to appreciate it more.

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