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Paradise for writers

FROM John le Carre to Daphne du Maurier, from John Betjeman to Winston Graham, a long roll-call of famous writers had one thing in common - a passion for glorious Cornwall.

My latest book, due for publication later this year, profiles many of the literary celebrities who made their home in The Delectable Duchy.

Some I knew personally, others were familiar to me through my seventy years as an avid reader. But all were drawn to the beauty and special qualities of the western peninsula, where many of their stories were set.

Among them are ColinWilson, author of The Outsider, the great Cornish scholar A.L.Rowse, the creator of Troy Town Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, the novelist Hugh Walpole and many more.

I'll provide you with a publication date later in the year.


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